The RND Process

Although each project is inevitably different, I like to work to a fairly strict process. I find that this helps to annihilate confusion and enables my clients to know exactly where they stand. Below is our process structure upon which all our projects hang:

  • Step 1 | Initial briefing and quote
  • Step 2 | Concept Generation and Prototypes
  • Step 3 | Final Concept Agreement
  • Step 4 | Implementation



Step 1

Initial briefing and quote
This is where I pull up some chairs, take out our pens, shut up and listen. The sort of things I like to know is who you are, where you are at the moment, and where you want to go. I like to hear your ideas and discover what you want. These initial discussions help me to understand your business and your goals.

After this initial contact I will then generate a quote for you. I will not start the project until this quote and its particulars are agreed. At this stage I will draw up a contract for your approval. This is so that you will know what you are paying for and I will know exactly what I need to deliver.

Step 2

Concept Generation and Prototypes
With all the knowledge gleaned, I then go away and do a little research. What appeals to your target market? How can we best attract them? What are the competition doing and how can we do one better? These are all things I will research in regards to your project.

Then I start working. I go through creative processes to generate ideas. I normally start sketching them on paper and then I transfer these initial ideas to computer.

As soon as these first design concepts are complete, I will send them by email or bring them to you by hand.

Step 3

Final Concept Agreement
When I have sent you these prototypes I like to talk you through the ideas behind them. I will then listen to your views and feedback! You tell me what can be developed or refined. Usually a couple of ideas will catch a client’s eye and they might want them tweaking before they make a final decision. I will then go away and do these amendments.

After any amendments we should have a clear winning design.

Step 4

So with the prototype concept agreed I then get on and implement it, applying it to the final output.

When I am finished I will send you a final proof of the work. When we have an agreement, the work will finally be output and we can sleep safe in our beds knowing that all the blood, sweat and tears have paid off and we have a brilliant end piece which meets your needs!