Lauren Hunsaker

Recovery Coach

Lauren Hunsaker earned a bachelor’s degree in environmental science and natural resources from the University of Nevada, Reno. Lauren has always been motivated by not only human health and wellness but also environmental well-being and conservation. After earning her bachelor’s degree, Lauren worked in the environmental nonprofit sector for several years coordinating and managing natural resource conservation projects across the western United States. Her desire to achieve and advocate for health and wellness has led her to pursue an additional bachelor’s degree in nursing. Lauren aspires to become a registered nurse, using her love of science, health, wellness, and communication to help care for and heal others. In addition to her education and career in environmental sciences, Lauren has a wide range of customer service experience which enables her to enhance the client experience at Thrive Wellness Reno.

As a recovery coach in the eating disorder program at Thrive, Lauren supports her clients compassionately and inspires a love of cooking, wellness, positivity, and open communication. Lauren is passionate about her work at Thrive because of the amazing community and atmosphere of creativity, open communication, growth, and love embodied by her fellow staff members.

Outside of work, Lauren is an avid outdoors enthusiast who enjoys skiing, biking, and trail running.